Apply To Hunt

Applications are open to all Veterans, Active Duty and Reserve Military, Active LEO, Fire and EMS, as well as Retired First Responders.

Applications from Veterans and active military members may send a copy of their DD214 or Valid Military ID in the upload files below.  All applications are reviewed and, if all is certified, the man or woman will be placed on a list for an American Hero Hunt event.

All Retired, Active Police, Fire, EMT or other first responders should submit any verifying information about their public service through the upload files below.

We have to verify and vet all applications to ensure the validity of the person and their service. Unfortunately, there are those among us that may try to abuse the system without being a military, police, fire, EMT or first responder HERO.

Select which hunt or event you are interested in and please tell us about yourself or the HERO you are nominating. Be descriptive and help us connect with the You or the HERO.

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